Unique Businesses to Retire Into When You’re Old

Unique Businesses to Retire Into When You’re Old

I have often wondered why most people wait until they are sacked or old and “spent” before ever considering what they will retire into.What happens and who takes care of them, when they’re old and unable to run around working 8-5 daily routine anymore?

Let’s face the facts. At some point in our life, we’ll have to relax and wait for some income to meet our needs, especially when we have crossed the threshold of chasing our tails! Now, the question is how much have we saved in all these years of laborious struggle for survival in the rat race of life?

If you have amassed so much wealth at forty years of age, fine! I need to talk to you. On the other hand, if you’ve got nothing to show for it at fifty years of age, hope is not lost. However, if you are very broke and you’re sixty, then we need an urgent surgical financial operation! At eighty, without much money,just hope you win a lottery, not funny right?

Then what is the way out? You have to maximize your seasons of life by planning now and get this idea of what you can retire into. Invest with little cash, and yet be able to pick your teeth rolling on your chair telling moonlight cock and bull stories to your grand children.Then what is the way out?

For all the categories of people mentioned above, is it those planning to retire at 30 or 90? These unique businesses I am about to showcase to you will support and save you from the agonies of frustration and regrets in life. However, this is only possible if, and only if, you are quick to realize this simple truth and make a “financial U-turn” into this ancient wisdom of saving and planning for your retirement now. Remember the popular Chinese proverb: there are two times to plant a tree, 20 years a go and now!

Here are the unique five businesses; wise people can retire into with their little savings being invested anywhere they live and smile when they are old.

1. Real Estate

Get a medium size land in around sparsely populated areas, and watch the population explode and make huge profits from your endeavor.Gradually develop it over the next 5-10 years and retire into an amazing wealth. Investment of between US$4,000 and less today can guarantee you a residual and multiple incomes for life when you eventually retire. Read the properties magazines, newspaper advertisements, discussion boards to get tips of available properties to buy and market prices.The properties will have appreciated in value and now support you in old age.

2. Educational Institution

A greater proportion of the populations in the world are youths.There is always a need for training. More educational institutions are in high demand and will always be a money spinner any day.Try setting up a school with high standards around the over populated areas.Even, from the villages to the urban centers, schools, skill training centers and continuing education centers are assured patronage from the people who are now excited to be empowered and acquire vocational skills to be financially independent.

3. Food Processing & Packaging

Most people are producing foods like vegetables and fruits that are neither fully utilized nor processed. A lot of waste is, therefore generated from the lack of appropriate technology to process these foods into final packaging that can be stored for local or international markets.There are opportunities for final finished products like mango juices, tomato puree, can foods and the likes.With an abundant supply of fish supply from the rivers, ponds and oceans, try canning this and make money. A little technical knowledge is required to can these foods for export. Some of these cottage industries require as little as US$10,000 to set up and within a few years can appreciate into multi million dollar industry.This will provide the future retirement income to take care of your holiday trips abroad when retired.

Wise investors must also conduct feasibility studies on these businesses viability and take on new initiatives to retire into.

4. Micro Credit Agencies/ Money Lenders

With so many commercial banks around with bureaucratic procedures to follow in order to access credit. The average income earner require between US$2000-US$50,000 to start or consolidate their existing businesses, which is within the scope of micro financing. Operating a cooperative or money lending agency with flexible terms,for so many workers with the assurance of assistance of financing a home plan or business can generate a substantial income to retire into. People of like minds should come together and form a cooperative union to advance their cause.

5. Waste Re-cycling Factories

From paper waste, plastics, foods, metal scraps, batteries, mobile phones, ink cartridges,home appliances and so many others, a lot of this waste is generated daily. Setting up a mini-factory to recycle this waste in to unique products will assure any wise investor of a life long income.These Eco-friendly factories can be set-up with as little as US$50,000 and annual income of US$250,000 are realizable for some of these waste recycling factories, aside from the employment generated for those that will attract the commendation and support of the government of your country. This can be done by engaging people to buy these junk from the people having difficulty disposing these wastes. A social enterprise can be started to employ the idle youths in your community.

Finally, saving that US$100-US$500 monthly for say, over 5-10 years,to invest in to any of the above mentioned businesses can make all the big difference in anyone’s life.

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